New Fitness & Probity application process, effective 24 April 2023

The Central Bank of Ireland’s process for submission of applications to become a holder of a PCF role is changing from 24 April 2023. An overview of the changes to the system is provided in the Regulator’s document on the new F&P application process.

  • Individual questionnaires (IQs) will no longer be submitted via the online reporting system (ONR), but will instead be submitted via the CBI portal.
  • A new IQ must be used for PCF applications submitted from 24 April. Draft guidance has also been published. The CBI document gives detail on the new IQ which reflects ongoing CBI concerns with time commitments, outsourcing, conflicts of interest and diversity.
  • IQs which have been submitted and which are clear of comment/no queries outstanding (at 24 April) will be completed on the old system in the normal way.
  • After the new system is operational (24 April) any in-progress IQs which need to be unlocked will be returned to the applicant to be re-entered and submitted on new system as a new application.
  • All IQs at the pre-submission stage on ONR will need to be re-entered and submitted on the new system.